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Are you still looking for something that "works"? We understand that it is a slippery slope navigating through the plethora of ridiculously priced skin care products and overly indulgent facial treatments and finding something that you can sustain. Affordability and results are essential to have a sustainable skin care regime and it is nearly impossible to find those two words in a skin care facility or home care program that "works"! We strive to be part of the solution-- not part of the problem and that is the standard that Karen Borgfeldt has built Hello Beautiful Skin Clinic on. 


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Karen also realized that when you visit a professional to advise you on your skin, you are completely dependent upon what they know and what they are willing to share with you. Esthetician's do not have a standardized method of practice like a Dental Hygienist for instance. You can have your teeth cleaned by any Dental Hygienist from Coast to Coast- they will all tell you how to brush and floss your teeth in exactly the same way- but in the practice of professional skin care- it depends solely on the training the Esthetician has received and their own on the job experience. So Karen expanded her clinic to include other passionate Estheticians with the same desire to make a difference in the lives of their clients.


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One of our solutions is EDUCATION- you can't find the right thing if you don't know what you are looking for! Karen recognized this problem as the major reason people are disappointed with anything they have tried to combat the skin condition they are dealing with- they don't understand what they are up against and they can't fight a fair fight to improve their complexion. This is a very frustrating situation (right!?) because they can not win without the right weapons - yet they continue to impulsively purchase products and treatment "deals" that sound good- but alas- they are still stuck with the same complexion issues and have a lot less money in their pocket. After all of that- who wouldn't be discouraged and just give up? We don't want that to be you!


My Credentials

  • 25 Years Experience

  • Esthetician License—1986

  • Cosmetologist License—1989

  • Esthetics Instructor License—1997

  • Hundreds of Hours of Continuing Education (Above and Beyond State Requirements)

  • Many Advanced Post-Graduate Certifications

 The Esthetician's at Hello Beautiful Skin Clinic have all been certified in our exclusive educational protocols, facial treatment plans and product lines to give you the glowing complexion you have always yearned for. It is our goal to guide you to the necessary tools to treat your skin condition and sustain your BEAUTIFUL SKIN for life! 

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